Thursday, March 24, 2011

Craft of the day: Card #1

Welcome to my craft for the week! This is my first card to ring in the new season called "Hello Darlin'". (Even though there's snow outside my window)

I'm so inspired by all sorts of crafts and I've recently been creating greeting cards. Today to create this card, I used clear stamps from Studio G, card stock and adhesive rhinestones from Recollections, African fabrics for my flowers, and some twine! I hope this adds a glimmer of hope for spring to your day! See you soon...

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  1. omg...any card that says Darlin' is one i Have to have. I'm one of those old school dinosaurs that still send hand written letters and cards by snail mail. I really love this. I can hear my auntie's voice when i say the words. Love it.

  2. Cliviaalana that's exactly the sentiments I was trying to create for this card! I love handwritten letters, vintage stamps, and all things that I would find in my grannies dresser drawer. I will be selling them soon but also look out for giveaways! Also, wait till you see the next card for this week, it'll just send you down memory lane of mum's cooking!
    Thank you!