Monday, July 11, 2011

Good GREEN Monday!!

Good morning all,
So much has been going on with the new Etsy Shop: MangoPaperScissors showcasing some pieces from Aye' Shanti Designs! Preparing jewelry for Carnival/Festivals in Toronto-Barbados-Antigua-Grenada-NewYork and the annual Caribbean Fashion Show in Brooklyn this September...

While I'm taking a much needed break from orders and packaging, I'm looking at my favorite things board and I have my eye on this beautiful very GREEN Cole Haan. Green is my favorite color, and I must have a piece of that color on me or in my bag to remind me of LIFE and JUST LIVING EACH DAY! I would love to find a huge discount on this favorite find for the Fall!! (If you know, please share) Otherwise I paired up a few Aye' Shanti jewelry from the Vibrationz Line: Africa in Green with my Roar-Ring Lion that I can definitely see myself wearing with this bag perhaps with a white shirt and a comfortable pair of jeans!
                                                                      Cole Haan Bag!
                                                          Just another green bag I'm eyein'!

                                                                      Roar-ring Lion
                                                             Vibrationz- Africa Earring
Anyway, I'm heading back to the studio, have a blessed day. And don't forget, check out the shop for some great summer jewelry at Mango+Paper+Scissors

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