Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Jewelry is almost here from Aye' Shanti...

I've been putting aside my paper crafting, and working perhaps 15 min a day on my art journals, because I'm helping in the preparation for Aye' Shanti. Shop is being set up for Friday for the after holiday sale! I've seen a few of you at fetes, festivals, and weddings with Aye' Shanti pieces this past weekend, and you all look fabulous! Sign up here or on Aye' Shanti blog, of course Facebook: AyeShanti Pieces, and Twitter: AyeShanti for more information. Also, first ten clients will receive a free gift, so please get on it with your orders and tune in on Friday. Tomorrow I'll definitely post more information, otherwise you can email at 


Here's a sneak peek:

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