Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Caribbean Week Day 3: Recreating Caribbean Kitchen Towels for just under a $1!

I always remember both my grandmother's had beautiful yet functional kitchen towels back home. Some were store bought and others were reused from old cotton materials... For some reason I was shopping in Michael's for some art materials and stumbled across some cotton vintage towels that reminds me so much of the one's in my grandmother's kitchen for just a $1 (I had a coupon so imagine I paid just change for it)! I wanted to spruce it up a bit with some madras material, (typically used in various Caribbean islands for their national costume) and stitch some floral die cuts on to them. Check out this fun project below and give it a try when you get a chance! Nothing like bringing a piece of the past into your home. Btw, check out the greeting card below made from scraps from this project.

Ohhhh... I had to make a greeting card from scraps!


  1. oh my! u re really patient! that s a good thing!! i love sewing, i always make my own pillows

  2. Yes you definitely need it at times... I'm actually going to try and sew onto my cards this week, we'll see how they come out!