Thursday, May 12, 2011


As a child, I loved receiving snail mail. There was something so intriguing and exciting about the various postal stamps from different countries. I started to collect stamps from all over, of course my favorites being from the Caribbean.

I used to wonder how bi-coastal relationships would survive off just letters as communication. I admire the patience and the process it would take for one to write the letter, get the stamps, and then mail it out, not knowing the journey it would take. I'm so thankful for technology and the ability to connect with someone miles away, across the ocean in a matter of seconds, however I love the sincerity, the process, and the deep lengths it takes to connect to someone with snail mail. Since technology has shortened the time and space of communication between us all, I feel that sometimes it's nice to break out the pen, paper, and stamps and contact someone with a letter or postcard. I still sneak in a letter or two into my honey's pocket, love slipping a thank you card to my friends just because, and recently package my pieces to clients with vintage stamps on recycled paper bags.

Here's a few of my MAIL ART and I will start posting some of my postage stamps designs. You should give it a try too, I'm sure it will be a sweet surprise to someone to find a personal letter in the mix of mail filled with bills.

Peace and Light,

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  1. Thank you hon. Yea, I'm sending out cards all the time and thought, why not send them out in style!