Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I love mi' dahlin like a Julie Mango!"

" She gimme orange, I don't want dat, She gimme grapes, I don't want dat, She gimme apple, ONLY JULIE (Julie Mango) I WANT TO TASTE"... -"Julie Mango" Preacher (Soca).

Yes, I know, it can come across a bit fresh but if you're from the Caribbean, you know Soca and Calypso can be risqué... and I love it!

I created this card, because of its sweetness. When I see two mangoes in a tree, all I can think about is sharing them with my honey! Just us 2 sitting by the tree or on the beach, eating some mangoes while the breeze is blowing... (Honey if you're reading this, organize some tickets nuh! lol just


So juicy a mango is, it can be made into a smoothie, salad, or a chutney! As soon as we would land on mi Sweet Spice Isle, my granny would have food cooked from stew chicken to lambie or as my lovely Haitian sistas and brothers would say, LUMBIE!

But, she would also have some fruits from french cashew, plums, and of course mangoes, and I wouldn't wait for a knife or spoon to scoop out such yumminess, I would tear the mango skin with my teeth and just bite into it, and try to eat it over the veranda side to not stain my clothes! Let's don't talk about wearing home clothes, because I wouldn't even care if it stained it lol Call me country, but there was something sooo lovely and natural about being able to enjoy a fruit that was right in your back yard! If you never experienced this lovely fruit, take a trip to the Caribbean or head to your local store if you're in Brixton-London, Toronto, to Brooklyn-NYC!!

I can't wait to share the Caribbean experience with our children like my mother did with my sis and I... Every moment appreciated because of how it inspires creations like this!


Location:Under a tree in Grenada, W.I.

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