Friday, May 6, 2011

Mum+Mother+Nana+Dahlin+Mommy+Mamita+Madre+Muma+ and on and on...

I love love Mother's Day... I love being able to show appreciation for my mum, now my mum-in-law, my granny, my bestie, aunts, cousins, and friends. There's something very beautiful about being a parent, but there's something so intense about a mother's love. The ability for her to be miles away and to know that something is wrong or this unconditional love she bestows upon you, it's this invisible heart string that tugs from time to time. Especially being from the Caribbean, you also hear stories about a grandmother, an aunt, or a sister who had to take on the role of being mother to a child. Or a single mother who had to do all of it on her own. I am always indebted to the women before me, who helped in designing my every path through their strengths, through their survival, and their every walk in life. So, of course the creative me had to design some Mother's Day cards, jewelry, and art. Here's a few to share, please enjoy!

Location:In my mum's heart

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