Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carnival Dahlin Bluesssss...

Can you tell?! I'm ready for a carnival or a festival. I'm looking for tickets to head to either St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, or Grenada (that's the exact order of the carnivals this summer, wouldn't it be nice if I can go to all!!!)
This craft, not a typical greeting card but in the "Scrap-Craft" world, it's a tag, which I love for it's size, used to create expressive master pieces! Now, as a lover of Carnival and Soca music, I was so excited to work on this, especially since it's one of my passions in life! I find when I create jewelry, I mimic the vibes of Carnival designers and mas makers!

If you look at the lovely stamp "African Dancer", which I recently purchased, her movements is such a "ka-ka lay-lay" position it reminded me so much of the dancing you'll see on the road or in a fete, I had to work around this individual dancer. I incorporated butterfly wings from Tim Holtz Alterations "Fanciful Flight" and made this "Carnival Dahlin" into a queen. Then you'll find that I placed a feather to this piece to express a material frequently used on headpieces and backpacks... And added words like Mas, Blue, Flyin' for vibration.

Carnival is a sense of freedom, historically a time for slaves to express their culture, and as the traditions is celebrated all over the world today, we must never forget where we've come from to know where we're going (Sankofa)...

I love old fashion postage stamps, so I created one for this piece using images from "Invoke" unbounded rubber sheets and added some Distress Inks to give an aged look.

Music played to create this piece:
3 Canal- "Blue"
Merchant- "Rock it"
FloPG- "Freedom Chant"

Hope you enjoyed this piece, definitely more to come! If you're new to carnivals and the Caribbean culture, just research, listen to some soca, and be inspired or email me @

Much love n light,

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  1. love these colors!the little tag '' create art'' is sooo cool!nice effect.
    By the way, I used to make jewerly too.:D
    I really hope to see some of your handmade jewerly.

  2. Thank you!!! I've been looking for mail art stamps for the longest and found these from at the local craft store. You can check out a few of my pieces of but the site definitely needs to be updated! Perhaps we can do a jewelry swap one of these days!
    Thank you for passing by!