Monday, April 18, 2011

Remember Granny's Crochet Doily?

I can see it now, that crochet doily on my granny's night stand or on the table in the living room. I think she even used to place them on top of the cushions on the couch. She never read a crochet pattern to create these perfect circular designs, and I admired her crafts.

Now, 2011, I've been trying to figure out how I could display these heirlooms in my apartment with a modern appeal, so I ventured out for some fabric paints! I decided to put away the original crochet designs for safe keeping to show my children one day, and instead use one of my creations and a few from a vintage spot to create a tie dye effect!

Out of yesterday's crochet doilies, I breathed new life into the cream and white patterns with some color. I pay homage to Granny for teaching me how to crochet and definitely will pass on the tradition to my children.

Not everything should be changed, however, there's nothing wrong with giving something vintage a modern touch, which only makes it pleasing to the eye.

Tip: You can also purchase paper doilies from the dollar store and use various acrylic paints or markers to use for your scrapbook designs, journals, during tea time with friends, or even for decoration in the living room!

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