Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memorable Fashion from Home: Straw Plastic Covered Bags

I remember as a child seeing my mum with a straw handbag that had this beautiful floral designs in the front, covered with a thick plastic, and a twist clasp closure that I found myself constantly turning. I would slip on mum's fancy heels and walk up and down her room with this straw clutch underneath my little arms, recreating this image of the "Caribbean Woman" walking in town or heading to church. I also remember my grandmother with a clutch as well, which she would carry to the market. Some years later my sister would purchase a straw coin purse from the Bahamas for me that just brought back memories.

Recently, over a cup of tea, mum and I had conversation about that bag and just how something so economical, hand crafted,  and so perfect for the rainy season with the plastic covering is now recreated for the likes of popular fashion designers and can be seen on runways. I'm sure that bag of hers is somewhere in the house in a closet or the garage but in the mean time I was able to get my hand on a beautiful woven straw purse from Etsy shop: A Wild Tonic . Thank you Lauren! I'm so excited to sport this for the summer and look forward to supporting not only vintage shops but also local Caribbean designers for memorable fashion statements.


  1. What an incredibly sweet story! Thank you so much for sharing (and for your purchase)! :)

  2. Isn't it Lollyrot!! I just received it this weekend and it's even fabulous in person. Really reminds me of home.

    No, thank you A Wild Tonic!!!