Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Craft of the day: Card #3 Legacy

"Legacy"- Women harvesting mangoes and provisions...

I'm always inspired by Caribbean history, especially the Caribbean mother's experience from their artistic expression to their traditional work. The creation of this card was inspired by the stories I heard about women at work by the riverside washing clothes, to their gardens harvesting provisions to sell in the market or to feed their family. As I continue my research about these women and my culture, I want to use my artistic creations to tell stories of these sacred bonds to sustain the heritage of womanhood and honor their legacy!

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Location:Studio in Brooklyn


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  2. I was just talking with someone about the Caribbean woman's traditional role in the household. Your card just reminded me that no matter how modern I get, I can't escape nor do I want to escape from those roots :)


  3. i m new here .wow i must say that you have wonderful creations! i like this image,because it is something traditional .very beautiful

  4. Adina- Thank you dahlin!! We have to talk over some tea about the Caribbean Woman's work, I would enjoy it... That was part of my studies in college!
    Welcome Lollyrot!! Thank you for your comment. I've seen your work on youtube and just noticed we share a few similarities as well! You are very talented! Hope you signed up so we can stay in touch!