Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Don't Sleep on Granny's Remedies"

"Take time to help other people win, because you're also helping yourself win. Add value to people" -Joel Osteen
Blessed Sunday,
Sooo, I woke up with the sniffles this morning (I wore a jacket yesterday with this in between winter/spring weather while shopping) and my honey decides to head to the kitchen and create a pot of "homemade tea" or what we call back home "bush tea". He simmered some black sage, lemon grass, cinnamon bark or sticks, borden leaf and orange peel with a sprinkle of ginger in some water.I was planning on taking some "over the counter medicine" but somehow my nasal passage began to clear up and a warmth came over me. Never underestimate the hands of our mothers or grannies!
Have a blessed day!

And, I love giving you all sneak peeks of what's to come.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

Location:Beautiful Brooklyn

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