Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yummy Mango Lassi w/ a Dash of Spice

If it's one thing, I just love creating and using my hands. I've been creating recipe cards for my "Heritage Recipe" project and I was so excited to start.

(btw I forgot to add the yogurt on the recipe card, I was a little excited)
It so happens I had a mango in the house (Can you tell I love this fruit?) to make a salad for our dinner, but decided it was time to finally cut it up and perhaps make a drink. I'm always making peanut punch with almond milk or a soursop drink to help me sleep, so I wanted to try a new drink with a touch of spice. I absolutely love Indian dishes, and had to make this smooth, fruity, sweet, and milky treat. It's a very easy drink to make, so I hope you try it!!

Mango Lassi w/ Spice:
1 Lovely Mango
1/2 cup of milk (almond, low-fat, hemp, or coconut)
1 cup of yogurt
3 teaspoons of brown sugar or agave
Dash of nutmeg & spice
Blend all the contents for about 3 minutes and refrigerate
Should make about 2 cups.
I used Vanilla Hemp drink instead of milk. I think I'm going to try almond milk next time. Instead of sugar, I used Organic Raw Agave and I had to add a touch of my Spice Isle with some nutmeg and spice.

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