Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Mango a Day keeps the...

Days like this, I wish I had a back yard to pick some mangoes, french cashews, plums, or even cut some callaloo to make a soup!!! Well I realize sometimes you have to, as my mother would say, "MAKE DO!" lol. Do some research of your neighborhood, find the spots where you can buy your provisions/fruits and indulge them, it's healthy and just sweetens yuh memory of home! My favorite spot is La Bay Market on Nostrand Avenue! Check out the article below for amazing benefits of mango!

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Mango is considered the king of fruits because of its unlimited nutritional and medicinal properties. In Latin language, it is called Mangifera indica. If we burn the wood of a mango tree in our neighborhood, it keeps germs and bacteria at bay. For the same reason, it is also used in havans (religious Hindu bonfire ritual).
The leaves of mango are believed to be sacred and used in religious and social rituals. Mango is considered good from taste and health point of view. Mango also works as a blood booster and sperm booster. It is full of richness of vitamins A and C. It is especially beneficial for skin and eyes.
During Pregnancy
Ayurveda says that if a pregnant lady consumes one mango every day, then it is sufficient for all her requirements of calcium and magnesium. It will also keep her away from stress and will protect against muscular cramps. Not only this, but it will also keep away the danger of miscarriage...

For Cosmetic Purposes
Many people are not aware but consuming mangoes also enhances our beauty. According to Ayurvedic treatment practices, consuming a mango each day in mango season not only cleanses the skin but also keeps it soft and supple.

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