Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color your life like it was your Coloring Book"

There's these lyrics that I have in my journal, "Carnival is color, carnival is Mas!" however I choose to think that "Life is color, life is a Mas!" too... I find ways to celebrate life if it's with an inspiring photo on the street, or through a quote, a prayer, or perhaps getting some markers and doodling in my planner, find ways to color your life! Sometimes we have what I call "Life's hiccups!" or issues that can be frustrating but instead of getting angry or upset, play your favorite chune, skim through a colorful magazine, and enjoy the imagery!
On my way to class this morning I found these stain glass windows at the train station to be so vibrant!

Then I was skimming through one of my fave mags "NYLON" and saw this singer, Eliza Doolittle wearing a feather headpiece and I thought to myself, I wish I could adorn a headpiece today!! Lol (well I could from my carnival headpiece collection)

Then I found this pamphlet sitting next to me on the bus. I'm not one to really take them when people hand them out or I will if I feel to but the message on the cover of this one was big and bold and just Right on Time! So, open your eyes, find the things that inspire and add color to your story!

Light n' Love,

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