Saturday, June 4, 2011

That Bag Just Got Me Inspired to COLOR:

...Sprinkled with early morning energy to work, some Soca Music, some Paint, pencils, newspaper horoscope clipping, oil pastel crayons, and some ENERGY... I had to create a journal page inspired by this bag from Brooklyn Industries I saw Downtown Brooklyn as I was shopping... I LOVED IT so much, I was thinking hmmm, "How would it look if it was filled with colors?"... My thought: Stained Glass Windows:

It started around 5:30 am with a sketch:

And as the sun was rising... I was compelled to fill it in! 

Reminds me of some lyrics: "Mas is Color!" My life is like a Carnival filled with feathers, color, and Style... So don't mind me, sometimes I color outside of the lines, but this time, I kept them in!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!


  1. luv your journal page! did you first put down a page of a book or newspaper then start drawing over it? what kind of white marker did you use? I have found only Elmers Paint Oil base white is the only pen that actually holds up but I can see the words thru your white so I am curious what you used. It is so pretty you should somehow copy it and make it a screenprint for a pillow to sit by the window!

  2. It all started with the Sunday horoscopes in the newspaper, I clipped it out and started designing this Aztec-like pattern around my message (because I loved it)... I then saw the pattern forming while using a black marker and then added Craftsmart Fine Line Paint Pen in white to fill it in. I love stain glass window like patterns, (I'll post a few up for you see in my personal journal).
    I Love that idea with the pillow, thank you!