Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caribbean Week Day 4: From Carnival Queens to Literature from Paul Keens-Douglas

Don't you love CARNIVAL?! I haven't played a sweet mas' for some time however, that doesn't stop me from checking out the costumes, counting down the days of Sweet TnT, Festival in Barbados, Jump up in Antigua, and Jukkin' like a Jab Jab in Grenada down de road (just to name a few, I ent forget St. Vincent, St. Kitts...) Anyway if it's one thing, if anyone knows me, I love a RIDDIM SECTION, playing JABJAB and of course as we would say back home, "PRETTY MAS!"...

Now I know, over the years the looks of costumes have changed and we all have our back and forth of what is mas... however, as long as I have my boots, make up, glitter, feathers, water, and a few change in my side purse, I AM CARNIVAL... So please don't mess up my feathers, don't whine up and mash up the beads, just let me BE! lol

I designed this card for a friend who's giving this to a newbie into the carnival scene, and wants to surprise her with a little Carnival preparation package for the CropOver... So, of course I was excited to get out my feathers, my sparkles, and create a costume on a greeting card... It seems as if she's playing a frontline section, so I had to give her a mini back pack... and I heard her shape is on POINT, so I had to give her bikini!!! lol...

So if you have that friend who's preparing for Carnival, and you want to send them with greetings... Chat with me, let's organize a sweet send-off for them! Let this be a sneak peek of tomorrow's fantabulous post with more Carnival Creations!

Also, as I enjoy this Caribbean Week Celebration, I also stumbled across a copy of my mother's ole' books, and found some poetry from a family member name Paul Keens-Douglas called "When Moon Shine"... If you don't know about this author, please google, facebook, and research his work.

I grew up listening to his tapes and it always had us in stitches!!
I will definitely touch more on Caribbean literature very soon, so look out!

Riddim & Feathers,

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