Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation/Carnival Send-off gift

I'm always thinking about a cool and simple gift to give a friend or a family member when they're heading on a vacation or a trip. I then realized most of my friends love tea and what a great lil' package would that be for someone who may be on a long flight. Instead of them drinking the typical tea, you can give them something they actually love.

I've included some extra adornments from my craft stash but you definitely can use simple materials around the house. Instead of a stamp, you can utilize your best handwriting, personalize a message on the back of a receipt, a sticky note, or scrap paper! Oh, and instead of tea you could put anything from money from the country, stamps, a cookie, pain medication, or even a thoughtful charm!

Suggested Materials:
-Mini clear plastic bag, small bags or packaging that you may find around the house
-tea bag (remember their favorite)
-Packet of Honey
-Chop sticks (as a stirrer) or even a drink/tea stirrer
-Paper clip
-washi tape or scotch
-My friend is heading to Trinidad so I included some $$ from my trip
-Paper Punched sunbeams (you can also use sequins or small decoration)
-Decorative rubber stamps
-Card stock or any scrap paper

Step one:
Assemble the items and place them in the clear package. Seal the sides with tape and slip chopstick or stirrer through the plastic flap.

Step 2:
Add a personal touch, I opted for money to cover the flap.

Step 3:
Add a card or sentiment over the money and slip a paperclip to seal the package.

Make this gift something they will never forget and add your personality. It would be much appreciated and remember it's the thought that counts!


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  1. I love this one! for mother's day i gave my students parent's tea bags attached to a card. green tea. they loved it.