Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caribbean Week NY Part Deux: Don't throw away yuh bottles, RECYCLE IT!

For Caribbean Week NY Day 2, I've decided to share 2 crafts with you, paper button flowers and recycle bottles for a funky vase.

Soooo, organize your craft supplies and before you throw away yuh Ting, Kola Champagne, Stag, or Soda Pop bottles, consider to up-cycle it as a mini flower vase for your home.

Be different! Think about it, it would be cost effective, helping the earth, and it's so funky!

Also, who said you have to always use live flowers all the time, trust me, I know since I live with someone who is allergic to some flowers and I love them around the home.

I've been creating paper flowers for years, and I love that they last so long, you can create it with any colors in mind, any types of papers, and for a jewel effect, I've added BUTTONS to this design! (I promise to give a more detail tutorial one of these days or perhaps a video when I'm not so shy). Try it out and enjoy!!

Some Supplies:
- an empty and clean Kola Champagne or Ting' bottle
-Crepe paper (sometimes I use distress brown paper bag)
-Floral wire
-Floral tape
-Sharp scissors
-wire cutters

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