Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspiration: Summer Photography & Art Journaling

"In summer, the song sings itself." -William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)

It's Friday!! Today I'm working on a father's day card to give mi' dad, creating jewelry for clients, and working on some Art journaling techniques.

If I haven't told you, I've joined two amazing groups this summer. First, is an art journaling course In the Sun Course by Natalie Malik of Awkward & Beautiful. I've been having a great time art journaling, meeting new people, and working on new techniques. I'll definitely keep you all posted with some of my creations, but here's a page I just worked on for the last Prompt: In the Summer time I feel...:

Another group I've joined is Summer of Color, and even though I'm just starting and a little behind, I'm catching up, and I'm so excited to work on some more creations and to be inspired.

Here's a few photos taken with my handy iPhone full of Summer dreams, color, and creativity!

I took this photo while passing a community garden not far from my place.

Baking carrot cakes for my hon's birthday! Remember when granny used to cool the cakes by the window.

So inspired by Desigual wall!! So colorful and would love to recreate.

Some of my own zendoodling!

My aunt prepared me some summer afternoon tea! I love her spirit! Thank you.

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend, recreate!


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  1. How sweet is your Aunt! Love that journal page for Summertime and so look forward to having you join us for The Summer of Color! Thank you for playing along, Kristin xo