Friday, June 10, 2011

Caribbean Week NYC Day 5: Carnival Scrapbook Design Ideas, More Mas, and...

Making Carnival Memories:

If it's one thing I love besides creating jewelry and art, it's making memories and scrap booking all of my experiences. So I collaborated with a friend/client and created some simple and easy scrapbook pages for your carnival experience.
Here's what you do:
-Save tickets and wrist bands: from the plane ticket, drinks, food, fete, down to your carnival wrist bands.

These are perfect to add to your pages

-Save some feathers, beads, or jewels from your costume or headpiece to add to your scrapbook page for embellishments

-Take photos or thank goodness for TriniJungleJuice, TriniScene, WeLime, TheMagicMoments websites, I'm sure you're bound to make their website, so GRAB those photos.

-Write down your favorite chunes(songs) from the road, try and remember anything special that happened so you can document them, and also have fun when creating your page.

Scrapbook Page #1:
I focused on one costume, frontline. I used a sparkled sea blue card stock, which can be purchased at any craft store like Michael's.
I then used some colors like the orange to pop off the page, some pink cards stock for descriptions, jewels from the costume, and tickets saved.

Create your doodling designs around the photo with a white gel pen. Here's a before and after.


Scrapbook Page #2:
The orange in the costume popped so I used a card stock background filled with imagery. I used a regular tag that's sprayed for a tie dye effect with a product called glimmer mist, added some embellishments from a pair summer sandal stickers, a ticket, and some jewels. I also wrote around the photo but with the write gel pen you can actually write onto the pictures.

This is just a sneak peek of a few scrapbook ideas that can be used to create memorable pages for your books or for even page that can be framed and displayed in your home....
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me @

Mas' News:
I wanted to share some info about the latest band launches.

Brooklyn, New York

2011 Sesame Flyers- Brazilia
Wideshut Promotions- Brazilian Orchid/Orquidea do Brasil

Facebook Info: Desma Bidjou Adams

2011 Sesame Flyers: Brazilia
Bacchanlia- Carnival Divaz

Facebook Info: Carnival Divaz

Photos from

Look out for:
Fatalangels section called Sinfully sweet with Ramajay Mas band! I can't wait to see this one. It will be available for viewing on our website

And out of my sweet island of Grenada:

RKD & Associates will be bringing out for 2011 - INDIA - It is a colourful sexy mas with a difference -

check out some of the designs - to register or get info they can email me at - costume are quite reasonable from $290 to $390 - it's the perfect band for visitors coming home for Carnival and we have the best DJ playing for us Black Storm so you know it is going to be a real party fun

Also just want to say it's sad to report that TnT's Mas man Wayne Berkeley has passed away on June 10, 2011. May he rest in peace. For more info please check out

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  1. This carnival scrapbooking is the cutest thing ever...I love it shanti!